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Agios Stefanos Monastery

The monastery of Agios Stefanos or St. Steven is by far the most accessible monastery, where instead of steps you simply cross a small bridge to reach the entrance. It is ideal for visitors with mobility issues who cannot use the steps and yet wish to have a real experience of a Meteora monastery.

The beginning of the Agios Stephanos monastery dates back to the early 12th century and the first hermit monks who settled on the cliff. Centuries later, Hosios Antonios, in the first half of the 15th century, and Hosios Philotheos, who renovated or rather rebuilt from its foundations the old small and elegant Catholicon, the present church of Agios Stephanos, in 1545 are mentioned as its founders.

Useful info

  • Summer timetable
    Visiting Hours: 9:00 to 13:30 and 15:30 to 17:30. The monastery stays closed on Mondays.

  • Winter timetable
    Visiting Hours: 9:30 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 17:00. The monastery stays closed on Mondays.

  • Contact Number
    +30 24320 22279

  • Appropriate clothing for everyone is required to enter the monastery. Sleeveless clothing and shorts over the knee for men are prohibited and you‘ll be denied access if dressed that way. For ladies skirts and shawls are available at the entrance in case they don’t have such clothing to cover themselves.

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Agios Stefanos Monastery has two chapels; the old 15th-century Saint Steven’s chapel which was severely damaged during WWII and the consequent Greek Civil War, and the 18th-century main cathedral that is dedicated to Saint Charalambos and includes his holy relics.

Like most Greek Orthodox monasteries, Agios Stefanos possess the holy relics of their saints or founders in its main chapel. Visit this monastery for the spectacular views towards the vast valley of Thessaly, the river Pinios and the Pindos mountain range across the plain. Enjoy the captivating scenery of Kalabaka town from 300 meters above the ground!

If you want to learn more about the myths and history of the Monastery of Agios Stefanos, join one of our tours and we will ensure that you won’t miss a thing!

Frequently Asked Questions About Meteora The Monasteries

The opening hours often change from year to year, so beware when relying on information provided in guidebooks or general websites. We will try to do our best in keeping the timetable of visiting times and days of monasteries up-to-date. Check the opening hours of Meteora monasteries here.

Before we answer this question we have to specify that everything should be taken into account. It depends on how fit you are, the transportation and time available, weather conditions ect. Most people are able to visit between 2 to 4 monasteries per day. The few visitors who visit all 6 of them within one day are missing out a magical, more slow-paced adventure. We recommend at least 2 days stay in Meteora.

Appropriate clothing for everyone is required to enter the monasteries. Sleeveless clothing and shorts over the knee for men are prohibited and you‘ll be denied access if dressed that way. For ladies skirts and shawls are available to borrow or buy at the entrance of monasteries in case they don’t have such clothing to cover themselves.

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity and Great Meteoro are the less accessible (over 300 steps). Rousanou, Varlaam and Saint Nicolaos have an average number of 140. Some of the monasteries apart the staircases requires uphill walking in paved paths. The Holy Monastery of St Stephen is connected with a walking bridge, thus making it more accessible than any other monastery.

In each monastery there is an entrance fee of 3 euro per person. Kids up to 12 years old they don’t pay entrance fees in the monasteries.

There are many reasons not to want to drive while exploring Meteora — like if you’re not confident driving on the opposite side of the road, your spouse is a terrible copilot and you just want to have fun instead of arguing; or if you want to enjoy the scenic road and not to feel stress about the narrow and curvy roads. Lack of parking space outside the monasteries is especially frequent phenomenon during the pick period in the summer. So by joining one of our tours might save you a lot of headaches and unwanted distractions.

Location of Agios Stefanos Monastery on the Map

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