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The Byzantine church of Meteora, Knights Templars and hidden symbols (Part 1)

The Byzantine church of Meteora, Knights Templars and hidden symbols (Part 1)

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The untold story of Kalambaka’s Byzantine church  In the old part of Kalambaka town, right beneath the giant cliffs of Meteora lies an elusive and relatively unknown monument. The locals know it as the Byzantine church. It’s the oldest standing monument of the entire Meteora region, with a truly fascinating story embedded on its walls,


Meteora Code of Ethics

Meteora Code of Ethics

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Read the Code of Ethics for responsible tourism   By choosing to visit Meteora you’ve made a choice to visit above all a holy place! A centuries-old monastic community with monks and nuns who still practice their faith and ancient rituals. It is one of the most important monastic centers of the Greek Orthodox Church


The Hermits of Meteora

The Hermits of Meteora

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The Holy Meteora, one of the most admirable and awe-inspiring sceneries in the world, with their gigantic rocks reaching heights of more than 600 meters, so many centuries ago it was formed here one of the most important monastic communities of Greece. On top of these exposed to weather elements peaks of Meteora and in

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