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The top things to see in Thessaly

The top things to see in Thessaly

Meteora-night-panorama 2021-06-16T08:44:29+00:00 ,

By Aliki Seferou Brimming with natural wonders and cultural sites that date to different eras, Thessaly never ceases to amaze travelers. Among valleys and mountains, rivers and lakes, make their appearance ancient monasteries, stone bridges and Byzantine castles. Explore the top things to see in Thessaly and embark on a unique journey. Meteora First on


The Minyans: The story behind the myth (Part 2)

The Minyans: The story behind the myth (Part 2)

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Continuing from Part 1 In this second part, we attempt to investigate any connections of the pro-Greeks Minyans to Meteora and the possibility of incredible ancient engineering feats lurking hidden right under our noses. In the first part, we investigated the massive engineering project that these prehistoric people undertook in Lake Kopais, at a period

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