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Update on Train Services to Kalampaka, Meteora: Alternative Travel Options

Update on Train Services to Kalampaka, Meteora: Alternative Travel Options

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In the aftermath of the devastating floods in early September, the train connections to Kalampaka, Meteora, have been temporarily suspended.

The severe damages caused by the floods have led to a significant disruption in rail services, with repairs expected to extend into early 2025. As a result, alternative travel arrangements have been put in place to ensure continued accessibility to this picturesque destination.

Current Situation:

The rail connections to Kalampaka remain unavailable due to ongoing repairs and restoration work following the Daniel-induced floods. To bridge this gap, a temporary solution has been implemented by the rail company. Trains from Athens now reach the station Palaiofarsalos, where passengers are transferred to buses for the remaining 90 kilometers of the journey. These buses make stops at three local stations—Karditsa, Trikala—before reaching the final destination, Kalampaka.

Alternative Travel Options:

To accommodate travelers during this period of inconvenience, our company is providing a direct coach bus transfer service. The buses depart daily from Athens at 08:00 AM and from Kalampaka at 18:00 PM, offering a reliable and efficient alternative to the disrupted train services. The duration of the bus journey is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.

For the convenience of our passengers, the one-way transfer rate for our direct coach bus service is 35.00€. This rate includes a comfortable and connected travel experience, with amenities such as wifi and USB charging gates.

To book the transfer service or inquire further, please contact us directly. For the latest information on train departures from Athens or Kalampaka, please visit Hellenic Train Departures.

Important Notice for Day Trips and Multi-Day Packages:

Until further notice, all day trips from Athens and multi-day packages to Kalampaka will be serviced by our direct coach bus and not the train. This adjustment is in response to the ongoing rail service disruptions. Rest assured, our company is committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, ensuring that your journey remains unaffected by the temporary changes.

We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time and look forward to continuing to serve your travel needs with the same level of comfort and reliability.

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