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Tips and ideas for your visit to Meteora in 2022

Tips and ideas for your visit to Meteora in 2022

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Things to do and what to see at Meteora Plan to visit Meteora in 2022 and you are not sure which is the best itinerary for your travel plans? You are in the right place! Below we give some tips and ideas on how to better organize an itinerary for your trip to Meteora. One


The legend of the Dragon’s Cave

The legend of the Dragon’s Cave

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There is a story told to all children in the area about the old times when a Dragon used to leave inside a huge cave underneath the Varlaam monastery. The dragon each night used to go to the near village of Kastraki to feed on the people and their livestock. People became very desperate and


The Hermits of Meteora

The Hermits of Meteora

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The Holy Meteora, one of the most admirable and awe-inspiring sceneries in the world, with their gigantic rocks reaching heights of more than 600 meters, so many centuries ago it was formed here one of the most important monastic communities of Greece. On top of these exposed to weather elements peaks of Meteora and in


A few tips and ideas to make a memorable visit at Meteora

A few tips and ideas to make a memorable visit at Meteora

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The majority of our 3 million visitors tend to organize very hasty trips to Meteora of just 1 day or even less of only a few hours! Visiting the area and all the monasteries in only 1 day let alone in a few hours is next to impossible. The monasteries are generally open to all


The Great Meteoron monastery

The Great Meteoron monastery

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Definitely the biggest and one of the most impressive monasteries in Meteora is the Holy Monastery of Transfiguration of Jesus, best known as Great Meteoron. The monastery was constructed on top of the biggest rock named accordingly “Platis lithos” or “Wide Rock”, having a total area of more than 50 acres and height reaching more


The return of the Neophrons

The return of the Neophrons

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Most of the locals remember the times when large birds of prey flew graciously among the high tops of the rocks here in Meteora. Eagles, vultures, hawks and other majestic birds of prey dwelled in large numbers the steep slopes and the high rocks of Meteora. People of some age even today they tell stories

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